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Words are difficult to find to express the experience I have when I travel to Casa de la Esperanza. Leading up to the trip, people would ask why I was leading a trip to Mexico. Their hearts and concerns for my wife and I were welcomed and comforting, and for a time, I was also concerned about the trip. But, deep in my soul, I knew why I was going to Casa, and there was no doubt I would be in Mexico in July. All of the assurance came from God showing up in amazing ways. He showed up in the words of Doug Dobbins one Sunday when he spoke of the boldness of some in the church of Corinth who lived out their faith in the midst of chaos. God comforted me when I spoke to Chris and Gil about the children of the home. He confirmed His goodness when Isaac, a man I met on the trip, spent hours pleading our case to the border guard that our trip was one of love and care for children in Mexico.


Once at Casa, you feel a sense of peace and hope over the place. You walk through the halls of the school or sit on the playground as children run and laugh, and you know that God is in this place. He has given these children – who have experienced a rough road at such a young age – a place to call home, a place full of loving and caring people. What made this trip special was our worship time at night with the children. Right after dinner, we gathered to sing and watch a skit or drama performed by the older teens. The singing was loud and beautiful, and the performances were so powerful. We also served with some of the older students in handing out food and clothes in the community. To see the teens give back to people, to have them work with us on projects at the church, to see them take care of the younger children…all I can say is God is at work. All of these experiences echo the words of John in 1 John 4:7-21 (read it if you get a chance), but more specifically, God’s love – His perfect love – drives out fear. His love is driving out the fear of the children’s past a little bit more every day through the love they see in others, in the stories of Jesus they hear, through the songs they sing, in the ways they can give back to people. His love wins! Let us be reminded that there is nothing to fear in the midst of God’s love working in us.

Michael Grayson




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