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Everybody loves a good story. Heartwarming stories make us cry, funny stories make us laugh, and stories of courage inspire us to do greater things. Stories add color and richness to our lives

The most important story we could ever hear is the story of Jesus. His is a story worth telling because it has the potential to change our lives forever. Our response to His story will ultimately determine our eternal destiny.


As followers of Christ, we have a responsibility to share His story with others. In addition to personally telling His story to those around us, we will soon have an opportunity to help people in faraway places hear it as well. Sunday, November 13, has been designated as Harvest Sunday this year. On that day, GCOC members are asked to make a donation, or pledge to give during the upcoming year, to support our mission partners around the world. As we prepare for that special day of giving as we have been blessed, John will be sharing stories worth telling of people our missionaries have taught whose lives are being transformed by the story of Jesus.


In the coming weeks, be thinking of what you can do to help spread the one story worth telling!

Jan Knox




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